Julie Clark

Dear Julie,

Have you produced a third album of new songs yet? If not, when do you plan on it coming to production? I miss your music and seeing you perform, but because of increased disabilities, I have not been able to attend any of your performances, so I look forward to your CDs.


Anita Nyman

Julie Clark responded on 12/20/2014

Hi there, Anita! Oh my gosh... I didn't know until all this time later that I had an "Inbox" for messages in Fanbridge. Sorry for the 6-month delay in answering your question and kind greeting. I'm afraid I haven't recorded a 3rd CD yet, and because I honestly don't have $ for a recording budget, I don't even have any forseeable plans to record again, despite having the songs that would go on a 3rd all-original CD. I've heard of "Kickstarter" and other crowd funding sites where I could raise the money, but I had a bad experience once when I accepted about 20 advanced orders on my second CD. I ran into some political and technical difficulties with the Producer/Recording Engineer I'd been working with, and it took far far longer to actually release the recording than I ever would have thought. During the entire time, I had to keep updating those 20 people about the status and apologizing for the delay. I vowed never to take advance orders again, which is essentially what Kickstarter i

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